xxxeibmozxxx's list of suggestions <ongoing>

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xxxeibmozxxx's list of suggestions <ongoing>

Post  xxxeibmozxxx on Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:00 pm

my first suggestion is to increase the price to buy land in the capital based on what you currently own. if i own a house and want to buy a shop that money should be doubled or tripled. as it currently stands the land in blue capital is limited and theres players with enuf cash to buy nearly all of it. this wont help us support large amounts of players. yes we can expand the capital but should players rly be able to so easily buy large amounts of land?

my second suggestion is to let players who reach a extreme amount of money be able to build "outposts" towns or other settlements away from the capital now this should cost a crap ton of money and ud need x amount of players to go with you too but i think this should be adjusted and not added untill looon g after we get more players


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