Hierarchy Guide

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Hierarchy Guide

Post  LudicrousYoshi on Sat Aug 20, 2011 3:07 pm

Here is a more simplified version of the Ranks

~You will be a Nomad upon entering the server for the first time.
~They can do whatever they want to do in the Nomad world and the Nether.
~They cannot go into Empire worlds.
~Can become a Peasant with a mod's approval.

~Joins an empire.
~Can live in the respective empire of its color.
~Can do anything a Nomad can do.
~Can become a Worker by choosing a Class.

~Can do anything a Peasant can do.
~Can earn iconomy money from performing their class's job in their respective empire world.
~Gets abilities depending on what Class they choose.
~Can become a Citizen by buying property in their empire world.

~Can do anything a Worker can do.
~Can use chest protection.
~Owns property, and can purchase more property.
~Can build on owned property.
~Can create a shop.
~Can become a Noble by buying a Manor.

~Can do anything a Citizen can do.
~Can use /warp.
~Can become a Lord by upgrading a Manor to a town/city.

~Can do anything a Noble can do.
~Can make their town/city larger.
~Can tax and make town specific rules to follow.

-King (mods)
~Cannot be obtained in-game.
~Moderate their respective empire.
~Can ban, change weather, and change time.

-Emperor (admins)
~Cannot be obtained in-game.
~Does everythign a King does.
~Leads an empire.
~Has say over Kings.



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