My computer!

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My computer!

Post  iii_mittens_iii on Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:58 pm

as you might no i raged and shoved a screw driver into the north bridge of my motherboard. If you are unfamiliar with computer hardware this might be weird to you. But my uncle took my computer and is currently putting new parts in. He put a prossesor in so he could run it while my new stuff comes. Also he is loading borderlands2 and diablo(anyone wanna play?). Im getting a new motherboard(idk what kind) and an i5 quad prossesor. as well as a solid state hard drive which loads windows in like5-10 seconds Smile. Im really excited to start playing with you guys again. Also since i left can you guys inform me on any major changes that should no about? anyone getting banned? left? new rules? etc....(also i already know about nopt Sad he was a great guy.)

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