Is Varus Bad?

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Is Varus Bad?

Post  ferentinofighter on Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:00 pm

I prefer to play adc in LoL, so I have played a good number of them, from Caitlyn to MF, to graves, kennen, teemo, ashe, and a good deal of others. I have also played other champions, and didnt rlly enjoy them, so i decided to stick with adc. Most of the time, I played ashe, and did fine. Then varus came out, and I got hooked. I loved the q, the e, the w, the ult, everything. But when I play with friends, they give me shit for playing him. I admit, I did bad early on. I was a new player learning a slightly difficult champ. But now, after playing him in the majority of my games since he came out, I feel like Im doing alot better with him. So why am I still getting shit for playing him? Is he bad? Am I not good enough? Its not like I go negative every game with him. But its not like im super good, mlg, all pro either. In my defense, however, I play with ppl lvl 30, and have greats 'ELOs' (Whatever that is) and got over 1000 wins. Naturally, when I play with them, Im usually put against players of the same caliber. So, am I doing something blatantly wrong, and not seeing it? Or is varus just not a great champ? I needz some feedback plzzzz. Thnx!

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.....

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