MCmmo: should I say or should I go?

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Keep MCmmo or scrap it?

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MCmmo: should I say or should I go?

Post  LudicrousYoshi on Sun May 19, 2013 8:06 pm

So one of the main reasons people dont work together so much is the fact that they become easily self sufficient. MCmmo makes minecraft a lot easier over time and I think it contributes to the over-availability of items a great deal as well as it makes certain hard to get items a lot more common. Like records and gunpowder for instance...

Yes it is kind of fun to have something to work at and have extra resources (altho I think we all get too much cobble from our superbreakers Razz), but I think we should get rid of it because it unintentionally makes people not need to work together and make communities much less often.

Thoughts? Poll goes for 2 weeks and I will decide according to that



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