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Post  bigpop4 on Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:51 pm

Mark is a 45-year old white male with a stocky build and a beard. His head is shaved. He responded to my ad to be interviewed for this article wearing only leather pants, leather boots and a leather vest. I could see that both of his nipples were pierced with large-gauge silver rings.


Questioner: I hope you won’t be offended if I ask you to prove to me that you’re a nullo. Just so that our readers will know that this isn’t a fake.

Mark: Sure, no problem. (stands and unbuckles pants and drops them to his ankles, revealing a smooth, shaven crotch with only a thin scar to show where his genitals once were).

Q: Thank you. That’s a remarkable sight.

(laughs and pulls pants back up). Most people think so.

Q: What made you decide to become a nullo?

(pauses). Well, it really wasn’t entirely my decision.

Q: Excuse me?

The idea wasn’t mine. It was my lover’s idea.

Q: Please explain what you mean.

Okay, it’s a long story. You have to understand my relationship with Scott before you’ll know what happened.

Q: We have plenty of time. Please go on.

Both of us were into the leather lifestyle when we met through a personal ad. Scott’s ad was very specific: he was looking for someone to completely dominate and modify to his pleasure. In other word, a slave.

The ad intrigued me. I had been in a number of B&D scenes and also some S&M, but I found them unsatisfying because they were all temporary. After the fun was over, everybody went on with life as usual.

I was looking for a complete life change. I wanted to meet someone who would be part of my life forever. Someone who would control me and change me at his whim.

Q: In other words, you’re a true masochist.

Oh yes, no doubt about that. I’ve always been totally passive in my sexual relationships.

Anyway, we met and there was instant chemistry. Scott is a few years older than me and very good looking. Our personalities meshed totally. He’s very dominant.

I went back to his place after drinks and had the best sex of my life. That’s when I knew I was going to be with Scott for a long, long time.

Q: What sort of things did you two do?

It was very heavy right away. He restrained me and whipped me for quite awhile. He put clamps on my nipples and a ball gag in my mouth. And he hung a ball bag on my sack with some very heavy weights. That bag really bounced around when Scott fucked me from behind.

Q: Ouch.

(laughs) Yeah, no kidding. At first I didn’t think I could take the pain, but Scott worked me through it and after awhile I was flying. I was sorry when it was over.

Scott enjoyed it as much as I did. Afterwards he talked about what kind of a commitment I’d have to make if I wanted to stay with him.

Q: What did he say exactly?

Well, besides agreeing to be his slave in every way, I’d have to be ready to be modified. To have my body modified.

Q: Did he explain what he meant by that?

Not specifically, but I got the general idea. I guessed that something like castration might be part of it.

Q: How did that make you feel?

(laughs) I think it would make any guy a little hesitant.

Q: But it didn’t stop you from agreeing to Scott’s terms?

No it didn’t. I was totally hooked on this man. I knew that I was willing to pay any price to be with him.

Anyway, a few days later I moved in with Scott. He gave me the rules right away: I’d have to be naked at all times while we were indoors, except for a leather dog collar that I could never take off. I had to keep my head shaved. And I had to wear a butt plug except when I needed to take a shit or when we were having sex.

I had to sleep on the floor next to his bed. I ate all my food on the floor, too.

The next day he took me to a piercing parlor where he had my nipples done, and a Prince Albert put into the head of my cock.

Q: Heavy stuff.

Yeah, and it got heavier. He used me as a toilet, pissing in my mouth. I had to lick his asshole clean after he took a shit, too. It was all part of a process to break down any sense of individuality I had. After awhile, I wouldn’t hesitate to do anything he asked.

Q: Did the sex get rougher?

Oh God, yeah. He started fisting me every time we had sex. But he really started concentrating on my cock and balls, working them over for hours at a time.

He put pins into the head of my cock and into my sack. He attached clothespins up and down my cock and around my sack. The pain was pretty bad. He had to gag me to keep me from screaming.

Q: When did the idea of nullification come up?

Well, it wasn’t nullification at first. He started talking about how I needed to make a greater commitment to him, to do something to show that I was dedicated to him for life.

When I asked him what he meant, he said that he wanted to take my balls.

Q: How did you respond?

Not very well at first. I told him that I liked being a man and didn’t want to become a eunuch. But he kept at me, and wore me down. He reminded me that I agreed to be modified according to his wishes, and this is what he wanted for me. Anything less would show that I wasn’t really committed to the relationship. And besides, I was a total bottom and didn’t really need my balls.

It took about a week before I agreed to be castrated. But I wasn’t happy about it, believe me.

Q: How did he castrate you?

Scott had a friend who was into the eunuch scene. One night he came over with his bag of toys, and Scott told me that this was it. I was gonna lose my nuts then and there.

Q: Did you think of resisting?

I did for a minute, but deep down I knew there was no way. I just didn’t want to lose Scott. I’d rather lose my balls.

Scott’s friend restrained me on the living room floor while Scott videotaped us. He used an elastrator to put a band around my sack.

Q: That must have really hurt.

Hell yeah. It’s liked getting kicked in the balls over and over again. I screamed for him to cut the band off, but he just kept on going, putting more bands on me. I had four bands around my sack when he finished.

I was rolling around on the floor screaming, while Scott just videotaped me. Eventually, my sack got numb and the pain subsided. I looked between my legs and could see my sack was a dark purple. I knew my balls were dying inside.

Scott and his friend left the room and turned out the light. I lay there for hours, crying because I was turning into a eunuch and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

Q: What happened then?

Eventually I fell asleep from exhaustion. Then the light switched on and I could see Scott’s friend kneeling between my legs, touching my sack. I heard him tell Scott that my balls were dead.

Q: How did Scott react?

Very pleased. He bent down and felt around my sack. He said that it felt cold.

Scott’s friend told me that I needed to keep the bands on. He said that eventually my balls and sack would dry up and fall off. I just nodded. What else could I do at that point?

Q: Did it happen just like Scott’s friend said?

Yeah, a week or so later my package just fell off. Scott put it in a jar of alcohol to preserve it. It’s on the table next to his bed.

Q: How did things go after that?

Scott was really loving to me. He kept saying how proud he was of me, how grateful that I had made the commitment to him. He even let me sleep in his bed.

Q: What about the sex?

We waited awhile after my castration, and then took it easy until I was completely healed. At first I was able to get hard, but as the weeks went by my erections began to disappear.

That pleased Scott. He liked fucking me and feeling my limp cock. It made his dominance over me even greater.

Q: When did he start talking about making you a nullo?

A couple of months after he took my nuts. Our sex had gotten to be just as rough as before the castration. He really got off on torturing my cock. Then he started saying stuff like, “Why do you even need this anymore?”

That freaked me out. I always thought that he might someday take my balls, but I never imagined that he’d go all the way. I told him that I wanted to keep my dick.

Q: How did he react to that?

At first he didn’t say much. But he kept pushing. Scott said I would look so nice being smooth between my legs. He said my dick was small and never got hard anymore, so what was the point of having it.

But I still resisted. I wanted to keep my cock. I felt like I wouldn’t be a man anymore without it.

Q: So how did he get you to agree?

He didn’t. He took it against my will.

Q: How did that happen?

We were having sex in the basement, and I was tied up and bent over this wooden bench as he fucked me. Then I heard the doorbell ring. Scott answered it, and he brought this guy into the room.

At first I couldn’t see anything because of the way I was tied. But then I felt these hands lift me up and put me on my back. And I could see it was Steve’s friend, the guy who took my nuts.

Q: How did you react?

I started screaming and crying, but the guy just gagged me. The two of them dragged me to the other side of the room where they tied me spread eagled on the floor.

Steve’s friend snaked a catheter up my dick, and gave me a shot to numb my crotch. I was grateful for that, at least. I remember how bad it hurt to lose my balls.

Q: What was Steve doing at this time?

He was kneeling next to me talking quietly. He said I’d be happy that they were doing this. That it would make our relationship better. That kind of calmed me down. I thought, “Well, maybe it won’t be so bad.”

Q: How long did the penectomy take?

It took awhile. Some of the penis is inside the body, so he had to dig inside to get all of it. There was a lot of stitching up and stuff. He put my cock in the same jar with my balls. You can even see the Prince Albert sticking out of the head.

Then they made me a new pisshole. It’s between my asshole and where my sack used to be. So now I have to squat to piss.

Q: What has life been like since you were nullified?

After I got over the surgery and my anger, things got better. When I healed up, I began to like my smooth look. Steve brought friends over and they all admired it, saying how pretty I looked. It made me feel good that Steve was proud of me.

Q: Do you have any sexual feeling anymore?

Yes, my prostate still responds when Steve fucks me or uses the buttplug. And my nipples are quite sensitive. If Steve plays with them while fucking me, I have a kind of orgasm. It’s hard to describe, but it’s definitely an orgasm.

Sometimes Steve says he’s gonna have my prostate and nipples removed, but he’s just kidding around. He’s happy with what he’s done to me.

Q: So are you glad Steve had you nullified?

Well, I wouldn’t say I’m glad. If I could, I’d like to have my cock and balls back. But I know that I’m a nullo forever. So I’m making the best of it.

Steve and I are very happy. I know that he’ll take care of me and we’ll be together always. I guess losing my manhood was worth it to make that happen for us.

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Been a while Empty Re: Been a while

Post  bigpop4 on Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:52 pm

To those of you who think shit like this doesn't happen...

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Been a while Empty Re: Been a while

Post  LudicrousYoshi on Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:00 pm

Not impressed, seen this story 3 times already

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Been a while Empty Re: Been a while

Post  bigpop4 on Tue Sep 17, 2013 9:37 pm

Well hell Ludi, you've probably done something like that before.. or at least experimented


from the kid to your nutsack. No one bats an eye and some people even laugh. The kid's mother gets all smug "That's what you get for swearing" and doesn't even punish the child for violence because you're a man and she finds that funny, simple as. You decide enough is enough and chase the kid, you catch up with him and tackle him to the ground. The kid lands on some stones and gets his face all cut up and he's crying. The mother calls the police and you are arrested.

Your employers who have a strict policy on criminal records let you go, you look for more work but it is a small town and everyone knows what you did to that kid who had to have 10 stitches and lost sight in one eye. Your wife is understanding but after a visit to the doctors shows that you can't have kids due to severe testicle injury she leaves you. Your life has fallen apart in front of your eyes and it is all because of that shitty kid.

Later that week you are listening to the radio, you hear about a kid who was attacked and left half blind. He's going to be in a spelling bee and is a favourite to win. That night you go to the school and find away behind the stage posing as a father of one of the children. You see the kid at the front of the stage, you pull the gun from out your jacket and run onto the stage. Before anyone sees the gun you have your arms fully wrapped around the child's neck. You raise the gun to his head, the crowd is in shock "Don't!" "Stop!" you hear from the crowd but pay no notice.

You whisper to the kid "Spell 'fuck' for me" the very word uttered in shock all those months ago that had doomed you to this fate. The boy, with tears in his eyes, begins to spell the word. He begs you to stop and cries that he doesn't know how to spell it, but you help him with each letter, the gun firmly pushed against his temple. He repeats after you "F...f....U...u.....C....c....K...k." He mutters out the last letter and you pull the trigger. The child falls lifeless in your arms and you turn him to face you. Your face goes white as a sheet. This isn't the same kid. You look behind and see an entire class of physically disabled children all crying. With that, you turn the gun on yourself.

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Been a while Empty Re: Been a while

Post  bigpop4 on Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:00 pm

Read all of this one, though it might take some time and some guilty boners, it gets more fucked up.

Everybody says I am a curious girl. And you know what
they say to me, curiosity killed the cat. In this case,
curiosity killed the pussy. I'm older now, but I was
only nine then, when my brother Chad forced his big fat
teenage prick up my tiny virgin pussy for the first
time. I can't tell you how it felt, the pain, the
feeling that my cunt lips were being stretched to the
point of ripping.

The feeling of his huge hunk of fuckmeat forcing its
way deep into my cuntal canal and past whatever
barriers God and nature had set up, until it lodged its
fat plumb sized head up in my intestines. I was such a
tiny thing back then, I really did think that dick
would come up and out my mouth.

At least I was sure it would batter against my heart
and kill me. And Chad seemed to take no notice of my
cries, of my grunts, of the blood coming from my pussy.
He needed to fuck. And to this day, when Chad needs to
fuck, Chad needs to fuck.

He'd been thinking about it for some time. I realize
that now. Every time Mom was out of the house, working
or with one of their "drinking buddies," Chad would
walk around the house bare assed. He had plenty of
girlfriends. Shit he's so handsome, every girl in
school had wet dreams about him. He bragged about how
he'd gotten four girls pregnant.

If he wanted a cunt, he just took her. He even took the
girlfriends right away from his buddies. He'd fuck them
a few times and then give them back. And nobody dared
to do anything about it. You didn't mess with Chad. He
had that dangerous "don't fuck with me" look in his
eyes. The look of a guy who is slightly insane. But
still damned attractive.

Maybe it was his insanity that made him so attractive.
Well what chance did I stand against him. He was
eighteen and I was nine years old. My ma was really
surprised when she found herself pregnant with me. I
don't know who my father is. Chad said since I was only
his half-sister, it was ok for him to fuck my brains
out. He needed a little cunt around the house once in a
while, and I was perfect for the job.

I have to admit, I was hypnotized by his cock. I loved
to watch how it swung when he walked. I almost loved it
more when it was soft than hard. Hard, it scared me
because I knew what was coming. It was strangely
beautiful. I'd be sitting playing with my dolls or
watching TV and he'd come out of the shower, towel
around his neck, but otherwise bare-naked, and he'd
walk right up to me, dick swinging and start to talk to
me about some stupid subject.

But all the time he is checking to see if I am eyeing
his dick. Cock hungry he calls it. He claims girls
start to get cock hungry when they are five or six
years old in most cases. It's cause they haven't got
one, he says. Anyway, he would stand in front of me
with his prick just at my face level, talking away.

Sometimes he would reach down and give his big fat nuts
a scratch so they would swing too. His balls were the
size of hard boiled eggs. At nine, I wasn't even
certain what sex involved, but I knew it was about
cocks and pussies, and I knew the funny feeling I had
in my stomach when I looked at my big brothers
fuckmeat. Maybe I was cock hungry. I don't even know
any more. Sometimes he's sit down right across from me
in a chair and spread his strong muscular teenage legs
wide apart so his dick was even more obscene.

Then one day, while sitting there across from me, he
suddenly asked me. "You like that, don't you, you
little slut. You like my big fat fucker?"

What could I say, I said nothing, but I felt all sweaty
and a little scared.

"Shit, it's okay to admit you're in love with my dick.
Lots of girls are. I just fucked Amy Thornton last
week, and she's only in seventh grade. You probably
know her. Christ. She couldn't get enough of my dick. I
practically had to pull her off of it, fucking little
whore. (The story I heard later was that Amy had been
raped by Chad and four of his friends.)

I couldn't take my eyes off his fat hunk of cuntbuster.
And while I looked at it, it started to twitch and
move, all by itself. Chad chuckled. His dick got
thicker and longer. I couldn't believe what I was
seeing, I had never witnessed a hard on before.

"What do you think of that, you cock hungry cunt? You
like it when I throw a bone for you, huh? Throwing a
bone for baby sister, yeah!"

I could not believe the size of it. My breathing got
heavier and more ragged. I chewed my lower lip, and
Chad laughed out loud. "Oh yeah, you want a taste of
it, don't you. You know for dudes, the best taste in
the world is a good grilled steak, or a burger, but for
girls, the best taste in the world is cock."

It kept growing. Chad rubbed his belly and then the
hard tits on his muscular chest. He looked at me with
this insane look in his eyes. But nothing happened that
day. Mom for some reason came home early, and Chad ran
to his room, his cock slapping his belly screaming,
"Don't you say anything to Ma, you fucking Bitch!"

Of course I didn't. After that, he let me see him naked
and hard whenever he could, but he didn't talk to me
about it or do anything. Until one day when I walked
into the bathroom to take a shower and he was sitting
bare-assed on the toilet. I was wearing only my long
cotton nightie. He looked up and smiled his killer

"Hello beautiful! How are you this morning?" He spread
his legs wider so I could see his flaccid dick. I
turned to go. "Hey, don't go, keep me company while I
shit and piss."

"That's dirty," I said, not liking the smell as he let
out a fart.

"Oh quite the bullshit. Girls love it when guys fart.
The smell turns them on."

It was then that I made the biggest mistake of my life.
At nine years of age, I set myself on a course from
which there would be no retreat and no escape. I took
three steps closer to the toilet and my step-brother.
He reached out a hand and grabbed me. He smelled of

"Its nine in the morning, why do you smell like booze?"
I asked. I knew the smell from Mom.

"Cause your big bro has been out partying all night.
And fuck, am I horny. Hey, wanna see something funny?
Stand right there." He got a goofy smile on his face. I
liked him a lot when he was nice and teased me and got
that funny look. I watched as he took his thick hose of
a cock and lifted it from the toilet rim, he pointed it
at his own hard muscled stomach and started to piss
right on himself.

"Ahhhhh, that's gross," I squealed, giggling and

He laughed and his face lit up like a Christmas tree.
At times like this, I loved my brother. He continued to
piss onto himself. "Last week, I pissed all over this
freshman girl. I pissed all over her tits and cunt and
in her mouth. Hey, Cindy, you want me to piss on you?"
He aimed his dick at me, and I jumped away, the stream
of urine just missing me. But his hand caught me and he
dragged me into him for a big hug. "I love you Cindy, "
he growled.

"You are getting my nightie all pissy."

"Then take the fucking thing off."

Before I could protest, he had stripped me of my
nightie and I stood there naked. I had removed my
panties in my room before I came to the bathroom to

"Holy fuck, do you have a gorgeous pussy." He said, and
I could see his dick getting hard.

"Please, Chad, I'm shy."

"Nothing to be shy about with a first class twat like
that. Just let me look at you. Stand still. Put your
hands at your side. Let me see your little tits and
your cunt." Well, I was nine, so I had no tits, none.
But I did have a cunt, and it wasn't but a few seconds
before Chad was fingering it. It tickled as he rubbed
the pussy slit and played with the lips. "Do you finger
yourself yet? I'll bet you do. All cunts do. They
finger themselves and think about guy's big fat pricks.
Am I right?"

"I don't know what you mean, " I said, my eyes closed
from the intense sensation Chad's fingers at my pussy
were causing.

"Here I'll show you. When a bitch wants to feel good,
she plays with her cuntslit like this, doesn't that
feel awesome. You try it with your own fingers. Rub
your fingers up and down your dickditch." I opened my
eyes to stare at Chad's huge hard on while I fingered
my cunt for the first time in my life.

"That a bitch! Feels great, doesn't it? Here, give me
your other hand, put it around my cuntbuster. Oh yeah,
you fucking slut. You love that don't you. I can tell.
You are going to be one dirty little fucking slut! You
are going to want dick in you all the time. You fucking
piece of whore trash. My nine year old sister is a
fucking cockhound." We played that way for a bit, then
he sat back on the toilet and pumped his own big dick.

"Okay, spread your pussy lips for me and show me your

"Do what?"

"Put your fingers down there and spread your cunt lips
open as far as you can." I tried but without much

"Here, you dumb cunt," he said, standing up from the
toilet, his huge thick dick bouncing against his
stomach and chest. He sat me up on the bathroom sink.

"Now spread your legs, this is how you are always
supposed to sit for guys. That's bullshit what they
teach you about sitting proper with your legs together.
When you are with a boy, you always sit with your legs
spread as far apart as you can. Now put your hands down
to your cunt mound. Now put two fingers from each hand
on your pussy lips and pull the cunt wide open."

I was scared and confuses, but turned on I guess too. I
don't know, I was only nine. I sat there on the sink
with my legs up and bent, wide open, tugging at my
pussy lips for my eighteen year old brother.

"Holy fucking Christ, you are a fucked up piece of
shit. What a fucking whore you are! " He yelled this,
like he was at a football game or something. He reached
out and pulled on my nipples for a minute, and I felt a
strange jolt go through me. He grabbed the bar of soap
on the sink.

"Here, Bitchwhore, try to shove this bar of soap into
your cunt."

"But it will hurt. My pussy is too small."

"That's the idea, to open it up. To stretch it. To get
it ready. The soap is smooth and wet, it will only hurt
a little at first. Do this for me Cindy. Do this if you
love me. We both know Ma is a stupid bitch, and if
anyone has to take care of you. It's me. I been good to
you, now you do this for me."

He frigged his swollen leaking dick while I tried to
push the bar of soap into my virgin pussy slit. It hurt
like hell, but at last half the bar was lodged in my
nine year old cunt. I was crying a little, but Chad was

"Holy motherfucking Christ, that is beautiful. You are
one fucking slut Cindy. You got a fucking bar of soap
in your nine year old twat. You are just fucking asking
for it, aren't you?" He reached up and took my face
between his two large hands and he kissed me on the
mouth. It was the most romantic thing that had ever
happened to me. I can still feel the taste of his lips.

Then he started to lick my face with his broad tongue.
He licked all over my face, putting one hand down to my
pussy and pushing at the soap to make it go deeper
inside. Then he started to spit on my face. I tried to
turn away, but he grabbed my hair roughly.

He spit all over my face. Huge gobs of thick white
spit, that ran down my face and dripped from my chin. I
didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He forced my mouth
open and then snorted back the snot from his nose and
spit it into my mouth. I wondered if this was what guys
did with girls on their dates.

Later on, weeks later, he would play with game with me
where he would spit all over his own dick and then have
me lick his spit off his swollen cock. He would also
sit on my face, his asshole right on my face, while he
farted. At the time, I didn't even know this was
perverted stuff.

I thought this was all part of normal sex. He would
bring over his buddies to fuck me, and he would make me
lick and suck their farting asses as well. For some
reason, he thought this was really hysterically funny.
By then too, I was drinking his piss, so I had little
chance to complain.

But on this day in the bathroom. I got fucked. I got
fucked for the first time in my life. I got ripped open
and stuck like a pig. He carried me around the house on
hid big dick. He called a girl up and talked to her on
the phone while I was impaled on his prick. I was only
half conscious most of the time. I don't know what was
worse, that first cunt fuck, or a week later when he
fucked my tiny asshole for the first time.

From that point on, my life was pretty much just
fucking. When Chad wasn't fucking me, which was about
twice day, one of his friends was. One time I counted
that I was fucked by twenty-four of Chad's friends in a
week. His friends, right. Later I learned these were
guys he didn't even know and was charging twenty bucks
a fuck.

The games go dirtier and dirtier. So dirty and
perverted, I can't even talk about it to this day.
There was no bottom to Chad's depraved lust. He started
to bring stray dogs home to fuck me. All of this before
my tenth birthday. He and his buddies started to make
me lick their dirty asses when they took a shit, but
that is a whole area, I don't want to talk about.

He made me walk around the house naked all day with
candles and kitchen utensils up my pussy and asshole. I
would have to suck on his dick for hours while he
talked on the phone or watched TV. He'd force me to go
to the mall in only a sundress with no panties and then
lift my dress to show high school boys my naked cunt,
while he busted a gut laughing.

Often he then offered the guys a free blowjob or fuck
from me. I was nine years old, but I had the pussy of a
twenty five year old whore. And all of this before I
became pregnant for the first time at eleven. My ma ran
out on us, and Chad took care of me. Took care

All right. By the time I was sixteen, I had six kids.
Chad and his buddies thought it was hysterically funny
to keep me pregnant all the time. I had the babies at
home because they were afraid to go to a doctor. They
had wild beer parties and masturbated while I screamed
in pain giving birth. And from there on, my life only
got worse.


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Post  LudicrousYoshi on Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:12 pm

Been a while Tumblr_md7ip9vx3Z1rfy2fao1_500-1_zps14ea8bc8

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Been a while Empty Re: Been a while

Post  ferentinofighter on Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:50 pm

first time in three weeks ive been on the forum and this is the shit i see

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.....

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