OBMAR thow shall not leavth

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OBMAR thow shall not leavth

Post  iii_mittens_iii on Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:23 pm

hey obmar if you say the server status post i made you no that the world is broken right now and we fixin it. also the empires are like clans. You can make a colony and control it. You can also set taxes and junk on anyone who lives there. So its basicly like you just live under the superpower who is ludik or dirty. Also you can do anything you want in nomad world so you arent totally restricted to your role. It's just in empire world. So this is basicly clans but only 2 clans that can then branch off to colonys. And your somewhat restricted to your role. otherwise its going to be fun with the multiple worlds, iconomy and more. So please reconsider your choice in leaving.

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