City of Sanction

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City of Sanction

Post  LudicrousYoshi on Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:25 pm

King: LudicrousYoshi

Residents: All Citizens

Available Buildings:

*Default Citizen Buildings*

Citizen Residence(12x12x10): 25 Gold Ingots
-Basement(12x12x5): 15 Gold Ingots

Farm(5x4x1): 2.5 Gold Ingots

Guild(12x12x10): 50 Gold Ingots
-Guilds come with job specific attachments
>Miner's Guild can own a private mine which is entered through the guild
>Farmer's Guild can own a (30x30x1) farm
>Lumberjack's Guild can own a (30x30x1) lumberyard
>Builder's Guild can either have a (12x12x5) basement or extra floor


Free residence to all citizens.
This is where all Citizens and the King live.
There is currently a subway under construction leading to Soliton
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