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Post  tyeabc on Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:42 pm

Hello everyone!
Just as a tl;dr If you don't want to read the big chunk of text look for the red.
I am currently working on a video as kind of a look back on where the server and people have come from to where we are now. This is something I wanted to do for a while.

Now lets talk Pr0ject N0stolgia.PN was actually made as a look back via adventure map. It included a light beginning with dark twists here and there as the server ran into troubles but in the end it all came out okay. The map featured iconic places in the yoshicraft server as i had access to all the old maps we played on thanks to ludi Also Ludi if you are reading this and still have those maps, I'd like them please and thank you.. As time went on and work and school consumed more and more of my time i was forced to drop PN in it's early stages, alas, PN was doomed to forever stay a concept. A week ago from today I started a new project, equally as memorable and amazing but less ambitious than creating a whole adventure map. A video!

I finished writing a good basic outline of the script, and gathered many screenshots and clips when i realized i was missing key parts of the servers history, Key people who were simply skipped over just because I hadn't know much about them because they were either before my time or not around me as much. I know that the only true information I can put into the video are: my experiences, Written down history (in the forms of old server posts on minecraft forums and here, and also videos, and pictures in which i seem to have too many of.), and stories i've heard from all of you. So all i ask of you if you will.
Please send me your stories that you remember about the server or a certain person on the server or even just a memorable point in our history. It does not even have to be a story, if you, like me, have screen shots or videos from your time on the server send them my way and i'll include them in the video!
As I wrote the script it became more and more apparent that this was not just going to be a one man job. Afterall, it is OUR story not just mine.. If you have anything you want to say please don't hesitate to contact me!

The Script is written, The facts are there, Lets not make this a story about a server, Let's make this the story of US.

-Warm Regards, Tye

My contact information:



Email: tyeabc@hotmail.com

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